Anvito was created over 20 years ago with the goal of dressing real women in real sizes.

We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of garments from size S (40/42) to 5XL (54/56), making all processes from our offices in Barcelona.

Our activity is known for the continuous innovation of our collections, always following trends and staying true to the style that sets us apart.

Another of our characteristics is the good quality-price ratio of our products.

From basic garments to party collections, at ANVITO we renew our collections every season to offer you the best. We are experts in creating different styles, cuts and volumes with prints and fabrics that leave no one indifferent. 


We are a little team, but very passionate!

For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to making garments made for real women. From the design, patternmaking or making of the first sample, through the quality control of all the garments we sell, to our customer service, each department is synchronized to bring you the best fashion, with the best quality and the best price.

Do you have a store or do you prefer to buy for yourself?   Whatever it is your relationship with ANVITO, it will always be close, nice and honest.

Our customer service team will always try to solve all your doubts, attend to all your requests and work to make your experience with ANVITO the best.


In addition to giving you the best fashion and the best service, at ANVITO we also ensure sustainable, homemade fashion, thus guaranteeing that all processes are developed as we like, controlling our productions at any time and emitting the minimum impact to environment.

We work with local workshops and suppliers to offer you proximity fashion, thinking about ethical consumption and betting on KM0 so that our garments have the best quality, always made in Spain under fair conditions.

We do not want to manufacture cheaper and sell cheaper because this would directly affect quality, promoting the habit of using and throwing away.

Our philosophy is not that the garment you wear has traveled halfway around the world to reach your closet, generating such a negative impact on the environment (fuel consumption, precarious working conditions, pollution, etc.). No, we take care to maintain this precious business with honesty and responsibility, thus controlling each step of the process of your ANVITO garments. 

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